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Silverletic proprietary Intertwined Technology Traditional
  • Silverletic proprietary Intertwined Technology Traditional
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proprietary Intertwined Technology Traditional - Ivory - CX18703ZXQU

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  • ELIMINATE ATHLETE’S FOOT, FUNGAL INFECTIONS & MORE!: Silver has been scientifically proven to be a powerful antibacterial agent. Silver naturally kills 99.99% of bacteria within one hour of contact, and has been used for ages to treat fungal and skin conditions. For these reasons we infused the fabric in our shoes with ionized silver particles and were amazed at the results! Traditional solutions such as athlete’s foot cream only provide temporary relief, but our shoes provides LASTING RESULTS!
  • THE PERFECT SHOE FOR DIABETICS!: Unfortunately, diabetic patients are extremely prone to fragile skin. This means that all of the bacteria typically found in our shoes can enter their bloodstream and may even cause blood poisoning! Fortunately, thanks to our proprietary silver infused technology, our diabetic shoes have been LABORATORY TESTED to kill over 99.99% of harmful bacteria! Since they are unisex, they can be enjoyed by men and women! (Please refer to size chart in the description)
  • SO COMFORTABLE YOU WON’T WANT TO TAKE THEM OFF!: We went all out on comfort and style! Our sneakers are all day walking shoes, perfect for people who have to be on their feet all day! We added a rugged bottom to prevent slipping, breathable mesh to stay cool, compressed PU to be lightweight and best of all memory foam for ALL DAY COMFORT. Our silver technology also helps prevent foot and heel pain! These are guaranteed to become your “Go To” pair of shoes.

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